by Carlos Aragon

Customer Engagement Should Be as Flexible as the Business

Owning a business requires tremendous versatility. The role of the owner can change throughout the day, from making the morning’s first pot of coffee to locking the door before going home. In between those two points in time, the owner may be involved in bookkeeping, appointment scheduling, and service delivery....

by Andy Watson

Connecting Customers for Flexible, First-Call Resolution

A good customer service experience requires customers to connect quickly and reliably any time they have an issue. Businesses have relied on contact center technology to ensure proper and reliable customer service, but many factors can hinder these connections. Sudden increases in call volume, customer error in data entry, and...

by Carlos Aragon

How to enhance business connectivity and availability

The impact of social distancing measures in everyday life is creating challenges for businesses to stay connected with their customers. When many of their employees need to stay home, businesses need to provide anywhere, anytime access to their customers as well as to their service representatives. Although some businesses had...

by Andy Watson

When businesses miss calls, they are missing opportunities

Did you know that half the time a potential customer calls a business, the call isn’t answered? Did you know that 80% of those callers will not leave a voicemail? Consumers don’t want to wait for someone to return their call because patience is scarce these days. The sun set...

by Carlos Aragon

Customers want to message businesses, are they prepared?

People’s need to communicate has driven a fast evolution of communication tools over the last 150 years. From messengers, to mail, and telegraphs, until the telephone made bi-directional human long-distance possible. The convenience brought by the telephone quickly made it a great tool for customer engagement, but for a long...